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Principal's Welcome


2nd Timothy 2: 15 - “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” What rang two thousand years ago on Paul’s mind is still a concern for 21st century educators. At Nicholas Bhengu Theological College we exist to train men and women in Southern Africa and abroad to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to bring Jesus in His place. People out there are no longer preaching the Gospel they don’t even know the meaning of salvation. Therefore, it is our great pleasure to bring remedial education to the Pastors, Evangelists as well as Christian believers.

We have realised that the Church as a whole is only emphasizing the spiritual matters, but neglecting the reality. Our training and education is holistic meaning that all the aspects of a human being is covered. For example, our courses are made to touch the spiritual man, social man and also intellectual. Our courses help the students to be critical thinkers and creative in solving problems. We teach our learners to apply the concepts learned from the Bible to their real life situations and ministry. NBTC impacts eternity by winning souls to Christ and training the converted people for ministry to everyone and everywhere. There are three principles we emphasize: (1) Learnt in the past, (2) To unlearn what have been learnt wrongly in the past, and (3) Re-learn the correct things. NBTC attempts to correct things or teachings learnt in the past in a wrong way and teach what is right. The students unlearn what they have learnt before and re-learn so that they are able to apply the truth in their lives and their ministry. For example on the part of Doctrines we teach that the Doctrine should be supported by two or three scriptures in order for it to be the sound. Number two on the part of interpretation we emphasize that scripture should interpret scripture rather than bringing your own ideas and message which is not biblical sound. In the Ministerial courses we emphasize the preparation and presentation of the sermon that the sermon must have introduction and the sermon must have points with Doctrinal messages as well as conclusion.

In conclusion, we welcome and encourage all the aspiring students who wish to enrol with NBTC not to hesitate to come and enrol with this college. We also ask the Churches to sponsor their Pastors so that the Church of Christ is built and its members become the family of God for the glory of God.

Yours Sincerely in the service of the Lord.

T.G. Nyembe

Acting principal of NBTC